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Web Browser Grand Prix: Firefox 15, Safari 6, OS X Mountain Lion

JavaScript Performance

Composite Scoring

The JavaScript composite is the geometric mean of the four JavaScript performance test results (RIABench, Peacekeeper, Kraken, and SunSpider), multiplied by one thousand (to create nice, whole number scores).

Predictably, Chrome takes the lead in JavaScript performance, followed closely by Safari in second place. Firefox grabs third place, with Opera taking last.

Once again, the Windows 7 scores all dwarf the OS X scores. Chrome remains the leader on Windows, followed by Firefox. About 200 points behind Firefox is Opera in third place, followed by last-place finisher IE9.

Drill Down

The charts below contain the individual JavaScript benchmarks, Peacekeeper, Kraken, and SunSpider, followed by RIABench JavaScript for OS X and Windows 7.

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Google SunSpider

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RIABench JavaScript - OS X

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RIABench JavaScript - Windows 7

All of the JavaScript performance tests place Chrome in the lead, with the exception of Peacekeeper, where Safari wins by a hair. In OS X, Firefox has a poor showing in Run-length Encoding, while Opera has a disadvantage in the Focus test. IE9 exhibits considerably lower scores than the other browsers in the Focus test and MD5 Hashing

Google Octane

About a week ago Google introduced its new JavaScript performance benchmark, dubbed Octane. This new benchmark contains the eight tests that make up the older V8 JavaScript benchmark, along with five new tests. Unfortunately, IE9 cannot run Octane, and the IE10 RTM build cannot finish the test. Therefore, Octane will not be included in the JavaScript composite until it functions with the current version of Internet Explorer.

Chrome takes the lead in both operating systems, followed by Safari on OS X and Firefox on Windows 7. Firefox snatches third place on OS X, while Opera takes third on Windows and fourth on OS X.

While Chrome dominates the Windows 7 results, the OS X results are a lot more in line with the other JavaScript performance benchmarks.