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Web Browser Grand Prix: Firefox 15, Safari 6, OS X Mountain Lion

Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Opera, Safari

Web Browser Grand Prix Champions

The table below lists all of the previous Web Browser Grand Prix winners, with links to their respective articles.

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Web Browser Grand Prix Contenders

ChromeVendor:GoogleDebut:9/02/2008Current Version:21Layout Engine:WebKitJavaScript Engine:V8Supported Platforms:Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOSHTML5 Hardware Acceleration:NoWebGL:Windows & OS X-OnlyWBGP Wins:6 (4 Windows 7, 2 Linux)Download Chrome!

Chrome 21 on Windows 7

Chrome 21 on OS X 10.8

FirefoxVendor:MozillaDebut:11/09/2004Current Version:15Layout Engine:Gecko 2.0JavaScript Engine:JaegerMonkeySupported Platforms:Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOSHTML Hardware Acceleration:YesWebGL:YesWBGP Championships:3 (Windows 7)Download Firefox!

Firefox 15 on Windows 7

Firefox 15 on OS X 10.8

Internet ExplorerVendor:MicrosoftDebut:8/16/1995Current Version:9Layout Engine:TridentJavaScript Engine:ChakraSupported Platforms:Windows (Vista and 7)HTML5 Hardware Acceleration:YesWebGL:NoWBGP Championships:2 (Windows 7)Download Internet Explorer!

IE9 on Windows 7

OperaVendor:Opera SoftwareDebut:12/09/1996Current Version:12Layout Engine:PrestoJavaScript Engine:CarakanSupported Platforms:Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOSHTML5 Hardware Acceleration:NoWebGL:NoWBGP Championships:2 (Windows 7, Windows XP)Download Opera!

Opera 12 on Windows 7

Opera 12 on OS X 10.8

SafariVendor:AppleDebut:1/07/2003Current Version:6Layout Engine:WebKit 2JavaScript Engine:NitroSupported Platforms:OS X, iOSHTML5 Hardware Acceleration:YesWebGL:NoWBGP Championships:2 (OS X)Download Safari!

Safari 6 on OS X 10.8