Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Opera 11.51

Web Browser Grand Prix 7

Although it's only been one month since Web Browser Grand Prix VI: Firefox 6, Chrome 13, And Mac OS X Lion, the browser wars show no signs of subsiding. The last 30 days were just as feverish as those that came before. But before we get down to business, let's get all caught up on the latest in this epic saga.

Recent Events

08/30/11: Opera updates from version 11.50 to 11.51
09/16/11: Google Releases Chrome 14
09/27/11: Mozilla Releases Firefox 7
09/29/11: Futuremark releases an open beta for the next version of Peacekeeper, announced exclusively here on Tom's Hardware.
Ongoing: Microsoft Internet Explorer market share continues to plummet, while Google Chrome market share continues meteoric rise.

Recent Drama

05/04/11: Google releases "fixed" versions of Apple's SunSpider and Mozilla's Kraken JavaScript benchmarks. We missed this the first time around.
09/01/11: David Storey, emblematic Opera developer and evangelist, leaves Opera for a new gig at Motorola, which quickly gets eaten up by Opera's arch-rival Google. Doh. Good luck, Dave!
09/20/11: Yet another Mozilla developer incites fear and chaos by suggesting a five week (or shorter) Firefox release cycle.
09/21/11: This idea is quickly rejected.
09/22/11: Another camp inside Mozilla proposes Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) for enterprise use. ESR is to be five times slower than the standard Firefox releases.
9/29/11: Even more absurdity from Mozilla developers, this time floating the idea of banning Java to thwart security threats.

What's New In Web Browser Grand Prix 7?

We've added more composite scoring, brand new startup time tests, and retired the raw placing tables. Essentially, the benchmark suite receives yet another handful of additional refinements aimed at updating tests, enhancing accuracy, improving analysis, and most noticeable of all, yielding faster results. Hey, Firefox 7 was just released the day before yesterday! With 40+ benchmarks, multiple iterations per benchmark, and five Web browsers, this is nothing short of a monumental effort.

  • gerchokas
    Well done Mozilla!
    Now they could change their famous icon to a more minimalist/modern style and we're done. Speedy AND classy, just like a fire fox.
  • shiftmx112
    Enjoy it while you can Firefox fans

    Indeed. I have been quite content with FF8 though.
  • soccerdocks
    Until another browser beats Chrome in the speed/performance benchmarks I'm sticking with it.
  • iam2thecrowe
    im sticking with IE, its perfectly fast enough and stable and why should I have to install another browser when it works perfectly fine?
    I'm on FF10. :D Nightly 64-bit!
  • compton
    I have to say, I do really like chrome. I stopped using Firefox as much one I tried the chrome beta, and now I use IE9 and chrome all the time. I used opera for a while, but Netflix streaming doesn't work with it, nor do many other sites I use.

    Now that IE is good again, I can't fault anyone for using it in lieu of the others.
  • makaveli316
    "Until another browser beats Chrome in the speed/performance benchmarks I'm sticking with it."

    lol people still think they can feel the difference in terms of speed in real world performance and there's still people that doesn't use a browser for their needs and preferences, but just because they have seen some silly benchmark.
    Ridiculous. I bet those are the same people that are always complaining in the forums about crashes, viruses and blue screens.
  • killik
    Even better yet,if you use FF7 with the MemoryFox addon,Firefox simply obliterates the competition.try it for yourself.
  • killik
    Even better yet,if you use FF7 with the MemoryFox addon,Firefox simply obliterates the competition in the memory management department.try it for yourself.
  • frostmachine
    I noticed firefox will use progressively more memory. Even if it's just refreshing the same pages. I use firefox, opera n chrome, keeping them open 24hr/day. It can go from intial 100mb to over 500mb. I don't see this in the other browsers.