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Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Opera 11.51

Benchmark Results: HTML5 Hardware Acceleration

Psychedelic Browsing

While Firefox 6 managed to edge out IE9 in the last Web Browser Grand Prix, Microsoft comes back swinging, quadrupling its WBGP6 score to take a solid lead. While Firefox 7 greatly improves upon the Firefox 6 score (doubling it), that's not nearly enough to stop IE9. Mozilla settles for second place. As usual, Chrome is a distant third-place finisher, followed by Opera in fourth and Safari in fifth.

We emailed Microsoft to find out why the scores in Psychedelic Browsing suddenly jumped so drastically, especially considering that IE9 hasn't posted any updates since WBGP6. As of the time of writing we had not heard back. If we do receive a response we will update this page with whatever we find out.

Hardware Acceleration Stress Test

Mozilla's Hardware Acceleration Stress Test results in the exact same placing and scores as in WBGP6: Firefox/IE9, Chrome, Opera, Safari.

It appears that IE9 currently holds the performance lead in HTML5 hardware acceleration, though Firefox is still a fantastic option. For now, the other three browsers just can't compete in this discipline.