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Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Opera 11.51

Standards Conformance

The placing of the results remains unchanged from WBGP6. It's still: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE9. Chrome 14 picked up a single point over version 13 though, while Firefox 7 adds eleven points to what we got from Firefox 6.

Ecma test262

Because Ecma test262 is still a work in progress, the scores of all five Web browsers are up since WBGP6. The placing order, however, doesn't change. It's still Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.


As we reported earlier this month, Acid3 underwent a few changes, most notably the removal of the SVG fonts portion of the test. Now all five major Web browsers pass the test 100%. Unfortunately, fixing Acid3 also means killing it. Since comparison is now no longer useful, we will be retiring this test from the Web Browser Grand Prix. The Acid3 scores will not be factored into the conformance composite.

Conformance Composite

With no more CSS3 Selectors Test or Acid3, we are only counting areas that still require improvement. So, this time, the composite grades for each of the five Web browsers are expected to plummet.

As expected, all of the scores dropped from what we saw in WBGP6 due to the removal of Acid3. Chrome went from a B+ down to a solid B. Firefox remains a B, but a much lower one. Safari drops from a B to a C. Opera and IE9 both drop from Cs to Ds. Ouch! As you can see, that perfect score in Acid3 was really holding Safari and Opera above water. Chrome, however, remains mostly unaffected.