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Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Opera 11.51

The Top Five Web Browsers

Web Browser Grand Prix Champions

For those of you who haven't tuned in since day one, we're putting together a table of all previous Web Browser Grand Prix winners, with links to their respective articles.

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Web Browser Grand Prix 7 Contenders

ChromeVendor:GoogleDebut:9/02/2008Current Version:14Layout Engine:WebKitJavaScript Engine:V8Supported Platforms:Windows, Mac, LinuxHTML5 Hardware Acceleration:NoWebGL:YesWBGP Wins:4Download Chrome!

Google Chrome 14 in Windows 7

FirefoxVendor:MozillaDebut:11/09/2004Current Version:7Layout Engine:Gecko 2.0JavaScript Engine:JaegerMonkeySupported Platforms:Windows, Mac, LinuxHTML Hardware Acceleration:YesWebGL:YesWBGP Wins:NoneDownload Firefox!

Mozilla Firefox 7 in Windows 7

Internet ExplorerVendor:MicrosoftDebut:8/16/1995Current Version:9Layout Engine:TridentJavaScript Engine:ChakraSupported Platforms:Windows (Vista and 7)HTML5 Hardware Acceleration:YesWebGL:NoWBGP Wins:2Download Internet Explorer!

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 in Windows 7

OperaVendor:Opera SoftwareDebut:12/09/1996Current Version:11.51Layout Engine:PrestoJavaScript Engine:CarakanSupported Platforms:Windows, Mac, LinuxHTML5 Hardware Acceleration:NoWebGL:NoWBGP Wins:1Download Opera!

Opera 11.51 in Windows 7

SafariVendor:AppleDebut:1/07/2003Current Version:5.1Layout Engine:WebKit 2JavaScript Engine:NitroSupported Platforms:Windows, MacHTML5 Hardware Acceleration:Mac onlyWebGL:NoWBGP Wins:1Download Safari!

Apple Safari 5.1 in Windows 7

Now that we've seen the list of previous Web Browser Grand Prix champions, as well as the current competitors, let's take a look at the test setup.

  • gerchokas
    Well done Mozilla!
    Now they could change their famous icon to a more minimalist/modern style and we're done. Speedy AND classy, just like a fire fox.
  • shiftmx112
    Enjoy it while you can Firefox fans

    Indeed. I have been quite content with FF8 though.
  • soccerdocks
    Until another browser beats Chrome in the speed/performance benchmarks I'm sticking with it.
  • iam2thecrowe
    im sticking with IE, its perfectly fast enough and stable and why should I have to install another browser when it works perfectly fine?
    I'm on FF10. :D Nightly 64-bit!
  • compton
    I have to say, I do really like chrome. I stopped using Firefox as much one I tried the chrome beta, and now I use IE9 and chrome all the time. I used opera for a while, but Netflix streaming doesn't work with it, nor do many other sites I use.

    Now that IE is good again, I can't fault anyone for using it in lieu of the others.
  • makaveli316
    "Until another browser beats Chrome in the speed/performance benchmarks I'm sticking with it."

    lol people still think they can feel the difference in terms of speed in real world performance and there's still people that doesn't use a browser for their needs and preferences, but just because they have seen some silly benchmark.
    Ridiculous. I bet those are the same people that are always complaining in the forums about crashes, viruses and blue screens.
  • killik
    Even better yet,if you use FF7 with the MemoryFox addon,Firefox simply obliterates the competition.try it for yourself.
  • killik
    Even better yet,if you use FF7 with the MemoryFox addon,Firefox simply obliterates the competition in the memory management department.try it for yourself.
  • frostmachine
    I noticed firefox will use progressively more memory. Even if it's just refreshing the same pages. I use firefox, opera n chrome, keeping them open 24hr/day. It can go from intial 100mb to over 500mb. I don't see this in the other browsers.