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Hitachi DeskStar 7K250: A New King of Performance?

The DeskStar 7K250 In Detail

Looks like an IBM, but in all formality, it's by Hitachi: the 7K250.

The 7K250 package includes an UltraATA/100 interface. Surely HGST could also have provided an UltraATA/133 interface. Particularly for Maxtor, who initiated this standard, this is the product of choice. But the speed advantage that the only nominally faster interface offers is questionable when you consider a serial ATA with a maximum bandwidth of 150 mbps. Whether or not that is the reason, practically speaking, there is no perceptible difference in performance between ATA/100 and 133, and surely would not give rise to price differences.

The drive is equipped with an 8 MB cache. But now that even 2.5" hard drives with up to 16 MB caches (Toshiba) have been available for months, this size has long since lost its flash. We can only guess why they are not more than the usual 8 MB. However, the fact remains that the 7K250 does not even need to be better equipped, because it performs on an excellent level in all respects.