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Live Memory Test: Overclock 'Em Till They Crash

Technology For Live Transmission

The dual Xeon server with 2 GB of memory is in charge of processing the immense amounts of data produced by the test, and controlling the cameras. There are four computer-controlled cameras in total, which provide 16 different angles.

The system's network cabling.

All data is collected here and then sent to our servers.

CPU Core FrequencyMultiplicatorFSB FrequencyRatioMemory Frequency
2400 MHzx12200 MHz1.66333 MHz (DDR667)
2412 MHzx12201 MHz1.66333.6 MHz
2424 MHzx12202 MHz1.66335.3 MHz
2640 MHzx12220 MHz1.66365.2 MHz
3300 MHzx12275 MHz1.66456.5 MHz
3400 MHzx12285 MHz1.66473.1 MHz (DDR950)
3852 MHzx12321 MHz1.66533 MHz (DDR1066)