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Turtle Beach Impact 500 Mechanical Keyboard Review


What many readers are no doubt pondering at this point is why one would purchase this particular keyboard over any other. The answer is a thin one, although it's what many company reps tell me is the reason they launched their peripherals line to begin with: brand loyalty/fandom. If you're a fan of Turtle Beach headsets, you might want to complete the set with a Turtle Beach mouse and keyboard.

However, if you're especially particular about your keyboard, the Impact 500 is an option with very clear and specific design sensibilities. It's compact, simple and austere, and the boxy black look grew on me over time. It has loud, clicky Cherry MX Blue switches for typers, with relatively clean typing sounds. The steel backplate and high-quality plastic (the soft-touch top and shiny undercarriage look nice, and both are durable) afford the Impact 500 solid build quality (Costar stabs notwithstanding.)

It does cost $130, though. That's a pretty penny for a keyboard with no frills, but it's not ludicrous considering some of the competition; the Das Keyboard 4C Pro, for example, costs $143. (On the other hand, the stripped-down Nixeus Moda v2 severely undercuts both at a mere $70.)

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