OneXplayer teases Intel Meteor Lake-powered handheld gaming tablet — Core Ultra 7 155H or Core Ultra 7 165H with up to 64GB LPDDR5x-7500

OneXPlayer Gaming Tablet with Intel Meteor Lake based Ultra 7 CPU with Xe on-chip graphics
(Image credit: OneXPlayer via YouTube)

Portable device and notebook maker OneXPlayer has begun teasing a new tablet under its new OneXplorer series enabled with a Meteor Lake Ultra 7 CPU. The OneXPlayer X1 tablet has a 10.95-inch LTPS (Low-Temperature Polysilicon) 'gaming' LCD, providing a 120 Hz refresh rate and QHD resolution. According to a source, it uses a dual-channel LPDDR5X memory with an option to choose between 32GB and 64GB.

The tablet also has a 63 Gbps Oculink Port and a Windows face-recognition webcam, making it a versatile portable computing device. There's no other information about battery capacity or release date for this yet. It is recruiting BETA testers worldwide, so it is uncertain when they'll release this for retail.

It is speculated to use an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H or the Core Ultra 7 165H, as it advertises 'Next-Gen Arc high performance doubled core graphics' performance. Both these CPUs are sixteen-core/ 22-thread processors with six performance and eight efficiency cores, two low-power efficiency cores, and eight Intel Xe GPU cores.

About The Expected Meteor Lake CPUs

Intel showed off its Meteor Lake Ultra 7-165H's graphics performance against an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U with Radeon 780M on-chip graphics on a 16-inch laptop, showing a performance boost between 10% to 70% between sixteen games it is tested with. Intel graphics team has been pushing out drivers increasing its Xe and Arc graphics performance, so one could assume this improvement will also seen on these CPUs. Meteor-Lake is a low-powered, higher-performance chip; hence, you'll see much higher performance boosts with low power consumption by the device.

The OneXplorer X1 was designed by One-Network, which was founded in 2017 by a group of senior hardware engineers who worked for multiple companies. They have been making many handheld devices, tablets, and notebooks using Intel and AMD processors for a while. Therefore, I am curious why the OneXPlorer team has this Windows-based gaming tablet with no handheld gaming controls. Or maybe there is an add-on or a Bluetooth controller is provided? We'll have to wait and watch for now to see what information we get shortly.

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  • kealii123
    " with no handheld gaming controls"

    At 0:11 its clear as day that it has connectors for joycon style removable controllers, just like their other flagship handheld