Cooler Master Reveals Two New Silent Pro 80+ Gold PSUs

Cooler Master has launched two new Silent Pro Gold power supplies, both priced at a budget level. The two units are known as the RS-450-80GA and the RS-550-80GA, and as their names indicate, they can push out up to 450 W and 550 W, respectively. They are built using a single 12 V rail that can push out up to 35 A for the 450 W unit and 42 A for the 550 W unit -- plenty for a light gaming PC or an efficient office PC.

The units, which are built with Japanese capacitors, feature typical efficiency levels of 90 percent, and are thus 80 Plus Gold certified. Due to the efficiency, they can also be cooled by just a single, silent, low-RPM 120 mm fan.

Both the units feature one 24-pin ATX connector, one 8-pin EPS connector, two 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors, six SATA power connectors, as well as three MOLEX power connectors and a floppy power connector. Cabling is non-modular.

The Silent Pro Gold 450 W carries an MSRP price of $59.99, whereas the Silent Pro Gold 550 W is priced at $69.99. Both of the new Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold PSUs should already be available through select retail channels.

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  • expl0itfinder
    Nice. There really aren't that many 80+ Gold PSU's at that wattage. I would like to see Cooler Master gain a good reputation, I'm tired of recommending Seasonic and XFX lol.
  • slomo4sho
    I believe FSP is the OEM for these model whereas Enhance Electronics is the OEM for the 600W+ models.

    Also, these are great MSRPs for gold rated models.
  • aebome
    Cabling is not fully modular, only partially.

    @ N.Broekhuijsen: According the pictures up on Cooler Master's site, these are non-modular PSUs. Do you have different information?