Asus Unveils the GTX 780 DirectCU II OC Graphics Card

Asus unveiled the highly anticipated GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC graphics card during a special presentation at this year’s Computex. As you might expect, the DirectCU II OC features overclocks, the base and boost clock to 889 MHz and 941 MHz, respectively, and features a custom PCB.

The new Direct CU II cooler features two different cooling fans with Asus’ Cool Tech technology and four heat pipes that interlace with a large heat sink that covers the entire card. also reported that this model uses Digi+VRM and Super Alloy Components.

Asus has yet to provide any information on the GTX 780 DirectCU II OC’s pricing or availability, but we expect a sticker price of between $650 and $700.

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  • vmem
    really? they're gonna make it look like a red version of the sapphire-vapor X?
  • lazykoala
    They need to start selling the stuff they are announcing. At this point it's almost outdated tech in a month or two.
  • WithoutWeakness
    For how powerful their DCII cooler is, I am always surprised at how little ASUS overclocks their "OC" edition cards. The stock clock for the GTX 780 is 863/902MHz so ASUS is only bumping the clock up 39MHz at most. Given that most GTX 780's are clocking well over 1GHz I can't understand why they put such an insignificant overclock on the card. I suppose it's so users can overclock it more themselves but it seems odd that ASUS doesn't at least push the cards to 950/1000MHz out of the box so that "stock" performance is much higher than a reference card.