GameStop Named as Backer of $79 GameStick Console

GDC is in full swing in San Francisco and PlayJam, the company behind the Kickstarter-backed GameStick console, was on hand yesterday to spill some details about its upcoming console.

PlayJam revealed multiple new partners at yesterday's event, including GameStop and Adobe. The company also unveiled the GameStick Storefront, which will be running on the dev units due to ship to Kickstarter backers and content partners shortly. Not only that, but thanks to partnerships with Madfinger and Hutch, both Shadowgun and Smash Cops will be pre-installed on the device when it ships.


Pre-installed games aside, GameStick users will be able to download games via the GameStick store, which will feature titles from the 500-strong developer community. These developers are working to bring games like Ski Safari, AfterMarch, Gunslugs, and CatchaCatcha Aliens to GameStick in time for launch.

"We are thrilled to have some phenomenal titles to showcase what GameStick is all about - amazing games" says Charles Tigges, CCO at PlayJam. "I am delighted to see many of the top selling iOS and Android titles now finding their natural home on the big screen through GameStick. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements ofnew games coming to the platform "

GameStick is a portable Android-based console that turned quite a few heads by meeting its $100K Kickstarter goal six times over. Offering a prototype that's no bigger than a flash drive, GameStick allows for a compact, no-fuss gaming experience using a TV equipped with a HDMI connection. GameStick hit pre-order status in mid-February and is scheduled to launch in June. PlayJam is selling the GameStick plus a controller for $79.99. The dock will set you back $24.99, while the GameStick case is going for $9.99. Pre-orders are being taken through

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  • mouse24
    These developers are working to bring games no ones ever heard of in time for launch.

  • antilycus
    No 3D Accelerator. I have a hard time thinking there is a future for this when it doesn't have a well known 3d accelerator. I dont even know if it has one at all. OUYA has a better long term goal and I have more desire for it. Maybe because it was first to the table or maybe because it has/had such a large number of kickstarters, making me think my chances of throwing away an investement are smaller. Either way more power to these creators but I dont see this being other than android ports of 2d games. Best of luck to them and fellow kick starters
  • mouse24
    The real question is, who in the world would buy this instead of say a used handheld with loads more functionality and practicality?