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Android ICS Invades Touchscreen Netbook, Mini PC

By - Source: Ergo Electronics | B 15 comments

Launching soon is a touchscreen-based notebook packed with Android "Ice Cream Sandwich," and a USB stick-sized mini PC featuring Android ICS as well.

Two new Android devices -- neither of which is a tablet or smartphone -- were launched on Tuesday, both featuring the Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) flavor of Google's mobile OS. The first actually arrives in the UK in the form of a touchscreen-based laptop/netbook for students, while other launches here in the States in the form of a USB stick-shaped mini PC.

First, we have the dual-function GoNote hybrid from ERGO Electronics which combines the traditional "laptop" layout with a "tablet" style touchscreen. Slated for students, it comes packed with a 10-inch LED-backlit touchscreen (1024 x 600) with 2-finger resistive touchscreen technology. It also features an ARM-based 1.2 GHz Rockchip RK2918 SoC, around 1 GB of DDR3 RAM (depending on model), 8 GB of internal storage, and a microSD card slot for adding an additional 32 GB.

The Android netbook also packs a front-facing VGA camera for video conferencing, four USB 2.0 ports, a miniHDMI v1.3 port for sending HD videos to an HDTV, audio output ports and a microphone jack. A Lithium Polymer 900 mAH 3.7V battery promises around 6 hours of web browsing and a standby time of one week. There's also an Ethernet port and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity.

"GoNote brings Android to the forefront of 'work' computing, where its not just about sofa surfing," the company said on Tuesday. "With GoNote, Android gets serious, helping students unleash their ideas, access information, capture their thoughts and maximize their learning potential. GoNote comes with an Office suite pre-loaded so users can create, edit, collaborate and save Microsoft Office format Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets to the GoNote’s onboard storage or to the Cloud. GoNote also comes with Google Play Store, giving users access to 400,000 Android Apps to help them learn, interact and relax at the end of the day."

The GoNote notebook will actually launch in September in black or white models for £149.99 each, or around $237 USD. So far there's no word on if the device will be offered here in the States.

Over on Oval Elephant, the company is now accepting pre-orders for an Android-based Mini PC for a cheaper $89.99 USD. Measuring just 3.50 x 1.30 x .63-inches, this stick-sized PC packs a dual-core Cortex 9-based Rockchip RK3066 SoC clocked at 1.2 GHz (up to 1.6 GHz), an integrated Mali-400 GPU supporting 1080p video, 4 GB of internal storage, 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, a microSD card slot for an additional 32 GB of storage, Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n connectivity, a USB 2.0 host port and one HDMI 1.3 output jack.

The Android 4.0.4 "Ice Cream Sandwich" installation is supported by Google, meaning users will have access to the search engine's services like Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail and more. The included accessories consists of a USB to miniUSB cable for power (unit does not come with A/C power adapter), and a female/male HDMUI extender cable. Oval Elephant sells an additional 5w 2A USB Power Adapter for $1.89.

This Android-based Mini PC stick is expected to ship around September 6. To pre-purchase the device now, head here.


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  • 2 Hide
    marclee37 , August 22, 2012 10:40 AM
    good, android is going to smash the windows, free the software world
  • 6 Hide
    greghome , August 22, 2012 11:16 AM
    Removing Windows.......even starter would remove 30USD off the pricetag, so kudos for them :) 
  • 0 Hide
    teh_chem , August 22, 2012 11:40 AM
    Android is fine for entertainment/media-consumption devices. For anything else (note, productivity devices), it fails miserably and won't do much to displace windows anytime soon outside of media-consumption purposes.
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    house70 , August 22, 2012 11:43 AM
    " A Lithium Polymer 900 mAH 3.7V battery promises around 6 hours of web browsing and a standby time of one week"

    It's actually 9000 mAh; to get that much out of a 900 would have been nothing short of a miracle.
  • 1 Hide
    zzz_b , August 22, 2012 12:04 PM
    The screen resolution is not good enough! I would never get one because of this.

    You have a more versatile form factor if you get the Asus and the keyboard for it.
  • 3 Hide
    tomfreak , August 22, 2012 12:24 PM
    now it is netbook, soon will be laptop, then desktop.
  • 2 Hide
    greghome , August 22, 2012 12:32 PM
    Tomfreaknow it is netbook, soon will be laptop, then desktop.

    "Google, even though you have enslaved a third of the world's population, you're still a damn fine search engine" ~Lisa Simpsons
  • 1 Hide
    DjEaZy , August 22, 2012 12:58 PM
    ... it would be a slap for windows RT...
  • 4 Hide
    math1337 , August 22, 2012 1:15 PM
    Personally, I'd rather have an android desktop than an RT desktop.

    For now, x86 is still king. When google finishes making android into a fully functioning multi-user multi-monitor windowed OS for desktop, I will gladly drop windows.

    Phones-getting more powerful and customizable
    Windows-getting less powerful and customizable.
  • 2 Hide
    atmos929 , August 22, 2012 1:18 PM
    there have been android mini-pcs already available in Chinese sites for months! >_>... and also android based media players, which would pretty much be the same except the fact that media players feature more video output options..
  • 2 Hide
    classzero , August 22, 2012 3:14 PM
    I love to see Windows being threatened by Linux!
  • 2 Hide
    SGTgimpy , August 22, 2012 5:41 PM
    Windows will never be threatened by Linux. First of all I use Linux, Windows and Mac OS X in an Enterprise environment. The biggest reason why Linux will never over take Windows is cost.
    Before you pull out you pitch forks fan boy me to death you might want to listen to someone that has daily real world experience with all the OS’s.

    Yes Linux/Android is free of Licensing cost, free to download and free to use, but not free to make work or harden or maintain. You have to pay Devs and coders (They are not cheap) to build the Linux system for your use. Harden it, update it, and maintain it. Android does not work out of the box and has to be specifically compiled to work with whatever hardware or platform you want to use. This again cost tons of money to test and maintain.

    Windows, yes you have to pay licensing fees to use, but guess what. It can be install on anything and it works (Per say the third party drivers don’t have issues)
    We IT Exec’s use Linux on servers because once we spend the extra money on making it work. It will work till the end of time 24/7, but it was by no means free. Unfortunately now with Virtualization and Windows server platform actually becoming more attractive in performance, security and most of all deployment and maintenance cost, Linux is starting to lose ground in the one area it held the most, in Enterprise again due to COST operation and maintenance.

    As far as desktop and workstations, you are absolutely retarded as an IT Administrator or Director to use Linux as a desktop OS and just thinking about maintaining Linux desktops makes me twitch. Active Directory and Group Policy trump anything Linux has out there for controlling stupid users by a land slide and not even going to Open Director of Mac OSX.

    So all you Linux/Android fan boys, this is not a hate on Linux but a reality check. Using it on your personal computer that you personally maintain does not translate to the real world use of the system as a daily driver for the world. There are countless reasons why Linux will never be the main OS in the world and the big one is it does not cater to the lowest common denominator. (The 80% of idiots in the world that can’t even use Windows let alone an OS that takes more than average intelligence to operate)
    So when you rant Linux to save the world is great in all but it will never rival Windows and Android is nowhere close to a desktop OS.
  • 0 Hide
    teh_chem , August 22, 2012 7:09 PM

    Agreed and well-said. The very thing people tout about Android--its (so-called) 'openness'--is also its biggest downside for actually breaking into the "windows" arena (read: desktop). As a home-user, sure, but as soon as you start talking about the very market that gives MS a significant amount of its revenue--the Corporate/Enterprise market--people will laugh at you for suggesting that Android will take hold or be of any use whatsoever (well, android as it is today).

    Hell, you'd be better off with ChromeOS...
  • 1 Hide
    PTNLemay , August 23, 2012 1:38 AM
    Meanwhile here in Canada 95% of my classmates probably don't know what "CPU" stands for...

    Bloody Hell.
  • 0 Hide
    eddieroolz , August 24, 2012 12:36 AM
    marclee37good, android is going to smash the windows, free the software world

    Good luck backing up that statement in 10 years...