Samsung Intros LED Square and Transparent Displays

Over on Samsung's blog, the company said that its 1:1 ratio LED square display (UD22B) and its all-in-one transparent display (NL22B) will be available later this year. However the company plans to show both to the general public this week during IFA 2012.

Samsung's 1:1 ratio LED square display is rather impressive: it unlocks unlimited configurations by allowing the user to connect each one together, thus expanding the overall image with each added block. With a 5.5-mm bezel-to-bezel measurement for seamless installation and digital loop out, the displays will produce a single image across up to 100 units. Samsung's demo during the show will be 21.6-inches square.

"Multiple displays can easily be connected to create creative mosaics as well as cubic or other three-dimensional shaped displays," Samsung said on Tuesday. "Without being limited by the installation space or shape, businesses can create more interactive point-of-sale and advertising displays that engage the consumer."

For the energy conscious consumer, stacking on additional displays would not only seem to produce loads of heat, but consume loads of energy too. However each square UD22B display uses Samsung's Direct LED backlighting technology which generates less heat to reduce power consumption by more than 30-percent compared to existing LCD display technology. It also conserves energy by adjusting brightness according to surrounding brightness.

Content is managed by using Samsung’s unique MagicInfo software solution, the company said.

As for Samsung's all-in-one 22-inch transparent display, it will make an appearance as an all-in-one showcase, as seen above. A thin LCD panel mounted on the display's front allows images and animations to dynamically interact with the merchandise sitting inside the showcase. The three remaining sides are made of protective tempered glass enclosed by a sleek metallic frame, Samsung said.

"Available as an all-in-one showcase for use as a stand-alone display or as an optional 22-inch kit for wall installation, the NL22B accentuates the display of retail products," the company said on Tuesday. "Unlike competitive displays with lower transmittance rates (5-percent) that can hide merchandise, Samsung’s transparent display offers a transmittance rate of 15-percent for exquisite picture quality. The all-in-one kit includes a built-in PC, speakers, LED bar and protective glass, making it remarkably simple for businesses to transform consumer shopping into an immersive in-store experience."

For more information about these two products appearing at IFA 2012, check out the microsite here. However Samsung's press conference won't be until Thursday, so check back for announcements and images then.

[Ed note: We've seen some of these transparent boxes in action before, but employing OLED technology. See videos below!]

Samsung OLED Box

Samsung OLED Box

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  • rebel1280
    This is freaking sweet! Imagine this screen in front of a mirror or something and in a picture frame in your living room, turn on the TV and BAM! Instant TV, turn it off, simple family room :) I can only imagine at this point: a mirror, a kinect and touch screen. Could see this being very beneficial in the medical field.
  • CaedenV
    I think they need to get the total number of linkable displays above 100 for consumer use XD

    In all seriousness though, this is a fun idea! Imagine something like this integrated into a bar instead of glass block, playing some sort of video or visualizer that goes along with the music? It would look pretty sweet!
  • flycat1989
    Let's see if Apple has patented anything beforehand