Intel To Launch Lower Price Quad-core CPU


Intel is planning to launch a Core 2 Quad Q8000 CPU series, offering entry-level prices to counter AMD’s triple-core CPUs in the mainstream market, according to sources at motherboard makers. Intel will launch the Core 2 Quad Q8200 in the third quarter this year, supporting FSB up to 1333 MHz, L2 cache of 4 MB and a core frequency of 2.33 GHz.

More here at Digitimes.

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  • cah027
    Wow.. looks like cheap-skates like me will be able to get an Intel Quad !
  • martel80
    Hope they will make it FSB 1066 so it will clock like hell. I have been waiting (in vain) for them to put 2 E2xxx cores on a single chip to make a real budget quad. I wonder why they didn't produce such chips, I would have bought it at double the price of a single E2xxx immediately.
    Perhaps they were too afraid that no one would buy their higher-end dualcores. :)
  • velocityg4
    If AMD can not match this price and keeps slipping further behind they could go under. Then suddenly we will have $1500 Core 2 Duo's from Intel with 5 year cycles between generations.