MSI Also Integrating Creative Sound Blaster Cinema Audio on Certain Motherboards

Some of MSI's new motherboards will feature the well known Creative Sound Blaster Cinema audio which consists of a physical chip partnered with a software suite that should significantly enhance the audio quality delivered from on-board audio. 

Some of the features that will be found on the new chip are:

  • SBX Bass: A low frequency enhancer
  • SBX Crystalizer: A software trick to restore quality to low and high frequencies from compressed data
  • SBX Dialog Plus: A voice enhancer for voices in games and films
  • SBX Surround: A software trick to create surround-esque effects through headphones and expands the perceived number of speakers in the room
  • SBX Smart Volume: An automatic volumizer that will protect the listener from sudden sounds and abrupt volume changes.

Speaking on the announcement, Low Long Chye, General Manager of Audio for Creative stated that "we are very excited to provide MSI with the latest in Sound Blaster sound technology on its new gaming motherboards. This is the next step of our great ongoing relationship where MSI introduces new standards of Sound Blaster audio technology designed specifically for motherboard products."

Whilst MSI plans to unveil its range of Sound Blaster equipped motherboards during this year's CeBIT, we've already spotted the chip on MSI's new X79A-GD45 PLUS Motherboard.

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