Vodafone UK Now Offering 'Nearly New' Smartphone Scheme

Smartphones are extremely useful devices, but they're also damn expensive pieces of equipment. Unless you're willing to sign a contract, you're looking at several hundreds of dollars to buy one of today's top end smartphones outright. Of course, signing a contract is an option, but then you're locked in to that carrier (and a specific plan) for up to two years. Not to mention your top-of-the-line smartphone will probably be out-of-date within the year.

Vodafone is looking to make sure even gadget fiends on a budget can afford high end phones. The company has launched a new program that offers reduced monthly fees or one-off pay-as-you-go payments for pre-owned handsets. According to UK Mobile Review, these handsets really are barely used. The site reports that 'Nearly New' phones are handsets that have been returned within Vodafone's 7-day return policy. In addition to that, each device goes through a round of tests and is fully wiped before being cleared for the scheme. All Nearly New devices also come with a warranty of at least one year.

"Nearly New is designed to make it even more affordable for people, especially those who prefer pay as you go services, to get their hands on a smartphone and start using the mobile internet," UK Mobile Review cites a Vodafone rep as saying. "It is part of our ambition to get the internet into the hands of our customers."

Offers available through the Nearly New scheme include a Samsung Galaxy S III for free on a £33-per-month plan, or an 8GB iPhone 4 for £250 (compared to over £400 for a new one).

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  • I think it's hilarious that Brits don't have "plans" - they have "schemes"
  • abbadon_34I think it's hilarious that Brits don't have "plans" - they have "schemes"

    No, you miss-interpret the Authors use of words as principle us of a word to describe a method of arrangement. Do not generalise this as the way we describe an arrangement under burden.

    Not in any Mobile store anywhere in the UK do the providers refer to schemes, but instead refer to plans!
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