Tom's Guide: 45 Free and Useful Windows Applications

Once you've got Windows installed on your new machine, you no doubt still have a few things to tweak and change before your computer starts to feel like home (like installing your browser of choice, for example). There are tons of great applications out there that can improve your PC experience and a huge amount of them are free. The Tom's Guide team has managed to narrow their favorite free apps down to under 50 in today's '45 Free and Useful Windows Applications.'

"There are hundreds of software developers and publishers who willingly make their work available for free. Some of them are complementary programs offered with paid products or services. Others are reincarnated free versions of formerly commercial software. In many cases, freeware providers just want to make a meaningful contribution, without any expectation of compensation or financial reward.Here are 45 different free applications, programs, and utilities for Windows. We hope you find them as useful as we do!

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  • mrmaia
    Isn't this list quite old here at Tom's? Or is it an update/another one?
  • Pherule
    What is this? 2008? Get with the times. WinRAR is succeeded by 7zip. AVG sucks now.

    "Google Chrome"
    Uninstalled, possibly permanently. Use Comodo Dragon or Chromium if you want a webkit browser.