WoW: Mists of Pandaria In-Game Cinematics Revealed

With just one month left until the controversial release of Blizzard's fourth World of Warcraft installment, a handful of in game cinematics unravel the mysteries surrounding the mists of Pandaria. Although the franchise has been ridiculed for its introduction of the pandaren race, it looks as though there may be more to this expansion than sunshine and jolly kung fu pandas.

Check out a few of the cinematics below, and let us know what you think!

Alliance Pandaria Prologue Cinematic

Horde Pandaria Prologue Cinematic

Shen-zin Su's Thorn

Battle at Serpent's Heart

Wandering Isle Departure


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  • azraa
    *grabs popcorn for the upcoming bitching about Blizz*
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  • azraa
    *grabs popcorn for the upcoming bitching about Blizz*
  • aragis
    Played since vanilla and I just can't get myself to be excited about this...
  • azraa
    Me neither man. I've played since TBC and the whole Pandaria Lore is just awesome for me, seriously.
    But since they changed the talent trees in Cata, I lost intereset. A lot. The game has no more calculations or actual thought involved in tactics and stat researching.