Supposed Xbox Durango Dev Kit Sells for 20K

A few weeks ago, someone on the game dev forum AssemblerGames claimed to be in ownership of a Durango (the codename for the next-gen Xbox) developer kit and was selling it for $10,000. According to Digital Foundry's sources, the pictures that the individual, going by the handle "DaE", posted of developer kit were genuine.

DaE was banned from AssemblerGames after it was revealed that his sales posting had been a prank.

Strangely enough, a Xbox Durango dev kit surfaced on eBay with the seller listed as superdae. It doesn't take a huge mental leap to connect that handle with "DaE" from AssemblerGames. The auction is scant on details, aside from the listing of the condition of the Durango dev kit as "used."

The bidding ended yesterday, closing at $20,100, but the lack of details provided in the listing makes one wonder about the authenticity of the sale. The selling of dev kits obviously puts an individual in a legal minefield with Microsoft, but the company's yet to give any comments regarding the issue. Perhaps they're investigating the authenticity of the kit while prepping its lawyers to dish out a good legal beating?


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    I just saw this on Yahoo! News. Ugh, they need to hurry up with next-gen consoles for the sake of PC gaming! I hope this Durango thing is real.
  • belardo
    Sake of PC gaming? Consoles kill PC gaming... PC gaming, already dead.
  • jerm1027
    belardoSake of PC gaming? Consoles kill PC gaming... PC gaming, already dead.

    Seriously dude? There are like a billion comparisons that say other wise. Here is one.