Aerocool Joins Silent Fan Market with Dead Silence Case Fans

After recently launching its Dead Silence case (read our review here), Aerocool has also announced its Dead Silence series of fans. While normally new fan releases bring little new stuff to the table, this time around Aerocool surprises us yet again. The fans are made with two materials -- plastic and rubber -- but not in the typical way that rubber is used.

The rubber is actually implemented in the blade structure of the fan itself. The rubber is meant to reduce vibration and make the fans a little more flexible, supposedly making them quieter.

"The Dead Silence series stands for great products, providing outstanding performance at ultra-low noise level. Our new DS fan series brings innovation to the market and displays the potential of the Dead Silence series very well," stated Tony Lin, CEO of Aerocool Advanced Technologies.

DS 120 mm
DS 140 mm
RPM @  12 V
1200 RPM
1000 RPM
CFM @ 12 V
54.8 CFM
64.8 CFM
dBA @ 12 V
15.8 dBA
14.2 dBA
RPM @ 7 V
800 RPM700 RPM
CFM @ 7 V
36.7 CFMn/a
dBA @ 7 V
12.1 dBA10.8 dBA

The fans can spin up with a starting voltage of just 3 V, and they come with a special 7 V low-noise adapter.

There was no word on what the units would cost, though they will be available through select channels starting January 2014.

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