Did Amazon Just Reveal its 3D Smartphone?

Just recently, Amazon released a video pointing to a special launch event that will be held in Seattle, Washington on June 18. While the company doesn't reveal what it plans to launch, a teaser video unleashed on YouTube points to the rumored 3D smartphone. The device appears around 42 seconds into the clip, and reflects off a female user's glasses. Doh.

In the video, you see several bewildered phone users move their head back and forth as if testing to see if the 3D effect dissolves at certain angles. "It moved with me," one woman states, seemingly verifying rumors that the 3D effect remains solid at most angles. As previously reported, the phone sports four sensors – one at each corner of the screen – that follows the user's every move.

"It's pretty flawless, seamless," another user states in the video.

For all we know, Amazon purposely showed a glimpse of the phone because the cat is already out of the proverbial bag; most of us are well aware that the company is working on a smartphone. Then again, the camera pans up after revealing the device for a split second, indicating that it wasn't meant to be in the shot. Whoops!

We presume Amazon's unannounced phone will bear the Kindle name and use the company's Fire OS 3.0 "Mojito" forked Android-based operating system. We're hoping that the 3D aspect won't be just a gimmick, and that it will change the way we use smartphones. The users seem to love the effect, but they may also be paid actors trying to get you excited about an upcoming product.

"It's very real life and incomparable to anything that I have seen," one user claims. "I've never seen anything like this," another boasts.

Guess we'll find out what's up the Amazon sleeve on June 18. In the meantime, here's the teaser video:

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  • nitrium
    So obviously paid for "actors". I mean really you'd have to be seriously naive - they're not even trying to be typical people.
  • Phillip
    So these people never saw an HTC Evo 3D from what...4 (almost 5) years ago?
  • edogawa
    Amazon now working in robotics to build sex-bots. What I thought of when they kept looking down. :/