Report: First AMD 28nm GPU Due in December

Industry sources told Germany's heise online that AMD is targeting December 6 as a launch date.

There was no information which architecture these new GPUs will be based on, but there appears to be reason to believe that AMD may be unveiling performance desktop boards, which will become available in very limited quantities in December, heise said. Due to 28 nm transition problems, it may take some time until there is enough supply to meet demand.

If heise's sources are correct, then we assume that the announcement in December will be about AMD's Southern Island GPU family, which is expected to be called the Radeon HD 7000 series. We are expecting these GPUs to use Rambus' XDR2 DRAM memory instead of GDDR5, MIMD instructions instead of VLIW, support for PowerTune as well as x86 addressing and Partially Resident Textures.

TSMC reportedly increased its pricing for 28nm products as it noticed substantially higher demand than the company initially expected. Xbit labs speculated that TSMC's capacity for 28nm wafer production is only 7000 to 10,000 units during the current fourth quarter.

This isn't the first time we've heard about the Radeon HD 7000 series though. Read more about the AMD Radeon HD 7900 and XDR2 here.

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  • Marco925
    i could use an upgrade, lets not delay anything...ok amd?
  • ares1214
    Yes, please shift the topic off of Bulldozer, my eyes hurt after that.
  • jrharbort
    The fact that XDR2 memory is being used over GDDR5 has me concerned, mainly from the pricing aspect. While the memory is insanely fast, RAMBUS products have not been known to be cheap.
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  • ern88
    Please AMD, don't Fail like you did with bulldozer!!!!
  • Marco925
    i could use an upgrade, lets not delay anything...ok amd?
  • jezus53
    Marco925i could use an upgrade, lets not delay anything...ok amd?

    Agreed, with BF3 out I need to upgrade asap and it would be nice to get the latest and greatest. I know the 6000 series isn't that old, but I really don't want to buy one now if a new series is just around the corner!