Warcraft Movie (Still) Officially in Development

This may be good news to some, bad new to others: the Warcraft movie is finally underway. According to iF Magazine, producer Robert Tapert officially reaffirmed that the movie is indeed in development. "We're in the outline/story/script phase," he told the magazine. With that said, there's no guarantee the film will ever be made, however we now have a hopeful start.

So where does that leave Sam Raimi? Originally, he was set to direct the movie, and now that Spider-Man 4 has been canceled for a teen-themed "reboot" (aka Smallville?) of the franchise in 2012, that leaves him seemingly open to take the Warcraft chair. However, Tapert wasn't sure where the director was heading next.

"I don't want to speak on Sam's behalf, because the SPIDER-MAN thing happened so recently," Tapert told the magazine. "I think he's getting his feet under him and trying to decide. He might want to do a teeny, tiny small film, but I don’t know what he wants to do. I know he had a great time doing DRAG ME TO HELL."

IMDb.com still shows Raimi as the director, with the film hitting theaters in 2011. Chris Metzen is listed as the story writer, and Robert Rodat ("Saving Private Ryan,""The Patriot") responsible for the screenplay (source). The status hasn't been updated since July 22, 2009, so the details may not be accurate.


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  • red rabbit
    Chris Metzen, not Matzen.
  • TheDuke
    now we play the waiting game. will it be good or bad. i'm most excited to see the battles and how well the cg and makeup will be done
  • logitic
    I want believe it until they start shooting film.