Dell Taking Wii U Preorders for $459.99

With the North American Wii U launch just a few days away, it's nigh impossible to get your hands on a Wii U preorder. In fact, it's been nigh impossible to find a Wii U preorder for weeks—just about every retailer that was holding Wii U preorders ran out of basic and deluxe preorders in just a few days.

Dell recently just launched its own Wii U preorder deal. Unfortunately, for those looking for the cheaper, basic edition are out of luck. This pre-order deal is only for the deluxe edition, which ships with Just Dance 4 and Madden NFL '13.

The only drawbacks are that this edition is $459.99—a bit pricier than the $349.99 you'd pay for the regular deluxe edition—and that it's highly unlikely that you'll get your console on launch day. Dell's website claims that the console would ship in one to two weeks. Still, if the Wii U shortage ends up being as bad as the one that the Wii experienced, then paying just a little more to get the console a tad late seems preferable to waiting in long lines with no guarantee of getting the product.

The Wii U is set to launch on November 18th for the U.S. and November 30th for Europe.


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  • deathengine
    Let the raping of nintendo loyalists and casual gamers begin!
    Underpowered, overpriced, gimmicky hardware, CHECK!

    In all seriousness, I am definitely not a buyer on day one. If the games prove to be fun and 3rd party support is good, then this may be a buy sometime next year or when the price drops.
    But this thing was outdated the moment it was conceived.
  • Joosey Jay
    It's going be just like the Wii. Gonna sell hard the first year then no one will pay attention to the console. Agree with the first comment as well. Over priced for old hardware.
  • ddpruitt
    I was wondering how long before a big name company would start pulling something like this.

    Glad I reserved mine months ago.