WoW Annual Pass Subscribers Get Diablo III for Free

Ever since the release of Cataclysm, World of Warcraft has been taking quite some heat and losing a fair number of its subscribers. With Diablo III coming in the near future, Blizzard has revealed a new subscription plan that will help the company hold on to its precious subscribers.

Dubbed the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, the new subscription method will allow players to enter a 12-month subscription commitment. Luckily for players concerned with breaking their banks, the plan lets players either pay on a monthly basis at $14.99 per month or use a different billing plan of their choosing.

For current WoW subscribers, this means there won't be much of a change other than the fact that they won't be able to cancel their account for a year. The commitment could be a turn-off to some subscribers, but the rewards are definitely tempting. For a limited time, WoW Annual Pass subscribers will get a digital version of Diablo III for free, along with the new Tyrael's Charger in-game mount. In addition, subscribers will also be granted guaranteed access to the upcoming WoW Expansion Beta Test.

For more information on eligibility or if you would like to sign up, head on over to the sign-up page here.

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  • brn_gomes
    I'm so in.
  • brn_gomes
    I mean, just when I thought Blizzard was gonna lose its ground, they come up with stuff like this, It's a genius move, you pay the one year subscription fee, alright... It's quite some money, but if you're into WoW, you probably would anyway, specially now with 4.3 coming up you get to kill Death Wing while you grind up for the new expansion, expansion which, you already know what's it gonna be about, so, either you like it and go ahead with it, or you don't like what you're seeing and just don't, is take it or live it, but in case you are interested on the new expansion, with all the new stuff including the "Pokemon" fights, and if you were already planning on getting Diablo, which I am, you save up huge money, let's face it, I was going to pay 60 euros for Diablo, and each time I buy a 60 day subscription card, I pay 26 euros, I probably would pay 6 months of play during a year, which would cost me effectively, 78 that sums up 138€, which is already 18 euros more than I'd pay for the yearly subscription, plus you get an awesome mount, not excluding that you can play WoW a full year, other than you would paying for the 6 months. It's win win win win for me, and very tempting to a whole lot of people. With Star Wars: The Old Republic coming up, and Guild Wars pressing forward its release, this is a really bold move from blizzard, they're all IN, it's take it or leave it I guess. I like how they don't discriminate between their own games, they really just want you to be in the Blizzard "side" of gaming, as long as you're going blizz, they don't really care what you're playing as long as you're paying for their services and stick to their products, a lot of synergy here.
  • billybobser
    tied in to 12 month contract,

    release utter rubbish

    Blizzard : /Trollface

    From a business perspective. I think if blizzard made all their games pay for, for half the curernt wow cost, and made the sub for all of the games. That'd be an interesting propasition, possibly more lucrative.

    Combined with this idea, that a 1 year sub (loyalty) will be rewarded.

    I don't like the idea of loyalty to an aged and run to the ground game however, but i don't mind being loyal to a great development house.