Enermax Launches its Revolution X't Series of PSUs

Enermax has launched its new range of premium Revolution X't power supply units which offer a fully modular cable design and a peak efficiency of 92 percent at 230 Vac and 90 percent at 115 Vac.

As you might expect, the PSU is fully compatible with Intel's 4th generation processors. Specifically, it is able to maintain a stable power output under the C6/C7 state and fully meets the 2013 ErP Lot 6 requirement to provide 0.5 W under standby mode.

The Revolution X't includes a temperature sensitive 139 mm Twister Bearing fan which features Enermax's patented magnetic bearing design for "super silent performance" and has an MBTF rating of 100,000 hours. Enermax further notes that the PSU was designed to work under high ambient temperatures and even includes the company's HeatGuard technology which delays the shutdown of the cooling fan by 30 to 60 seconds to expel excessive hot air from the system and maximize its lifespan.

Last, but not least, the power supply unit features the standard range of protection circuitries and a CordGuard design which claims to help prevent accidental removal of the PSU's AC power card.

The Enermax Revolution X't will be available this month with four models: $109.99 (430W); $119.99 (530W); $129.99 (630W) and $139.99 (730W).

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  • DarkSable
    "Fully modular design!"
    *Looks at the picture with the half-modular power supply they're talking about.*

  • rolli59
    Yep looks like a semi modular but pricey for the size better be good.
  • juanjostorreshernndez
    Yes thats definately a semi modular PSU, but a really good one, that is a monster brand