SteelSeries Announces Sensei Raw Gaming Mouse

According to the manufacturer, the Sensei Raw features hardware like Omron switches, a pro-grade laser sensor, Teflon feet, a transparent bottom, a braided nylon cord, and a CPI range from 90 to 5700. Also included is customizable LED illumination in three zones.

SteelSeries will be offering the mouse in two versions with a rubberized and a glossy finish. When released in June, the mouse will carry a suggested retail price of $59.99.

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  • crysex
    Who need unlimited game profiles? I only use no more than 4 profiles. Plus, the design of this mouse is nothing special, flat and round. Looks like the 10 dollars gadgets from the discount pile of junks.
  • Anonymous
    You stupid mouse. You're such a bad mouse. I want to step on your tail and make you squeek. Bad mouse!
  • Lord Captivus
    What is that!!?? $60!!
    Really Tom? An article on this?! Kmon!