Gelid Rolls Out SpeedTouch 6 Fan Controller

Gelid has crafted a new fan controller: the SpeedTouch 6. It will be part of the company's 'GAMER' lineup of products.

Featuring a capacitive touchscreen as well as controls for up to six channels, the unit seems pretty nifty. Each channel can even support up to 30W of power draw.

Each channel can be assigned a temperature sensor, which will allow the fans to change speed accordingly, automatically. Of course, the speeds can also be adjusted manually.

The accuracy of the RPM meter is set to the nearest second digit, so a fan spinning at 1234 RPM will report as 1230 RPM.

The unit features a two year warranty and should be available with an MSRP of $35.

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  • Warsaw
    Any info if it comes in different colors by chance?
  • thunderdog512
    Looks like a possibility for my corsair 750D if I ever put in the final two fans.
  • thundervore
    I was excited until i noticed the fan headers are only 3 pin headers.