New 32nm Atoms Surface on Intel's Website

Two yet-to-be-announced Cedarview Atom CPUs, the D2700 and the D2500, are now officially listed as available for tray purchases. Both versions are clocked higher than their predecessors, but are offered at lower prices.

The D2700 arrives with 2.13 GHz and support for four threads, while the D525 was available with four threads support and 1.80 GHz. The D2500 is clocked with 1.86 GHz, supports only two threads and will replace the D425 with 1.80 GHz.

Intel also responds to criticism that its Atom processors are too expensive. The D2700 has a tray price of $52 and the D2500 carries a $42 price tag. The D525 is currently offered for $63.

The Cedarview processors are still in a lofty price range, even if we hear from Intel that these new processors may be substantially faster than their 45 nm counterparts. For tablet applications, we already know that good-enough processors dominate the market and Intel will have to come much closer to the $20 to $30 price range to have a greater chance to become a rival for ARM implementations.

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  • I just wouldnt go after Atom when there is a far superior option from AMD that is also cheap.

    'nuff said
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  • New 12 inch Asus EEE PC coming?

    Finger's crossed.
  • I just wouldnt go after Atom when there is a far superior option from AMD that is also cheap.
  • Intel is really stepping up the Atom line. At first, I was disappointed in the Atom CPU after laying hands on a few of the early ones. But after playing with some N570 based netbooks with a couple gigs of RAM and SSD's, they FLEW. Not to mention I imaged them, ran through the Win 7 OOBE, and ran all the Windows updates as well as 3rd party updates, and they still had 5 hrs+ battery life remaining. They blasted through the OOBE faster than a mid range C2D desktop. I hope Intel keeps the Atom family around for a while, since it's finally maturing into something useful.