Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 Preview

While the Internet Explorer user base is just switching to IE9, Microsoft today unveiled the first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 at MIX11. In his keynote, Dean Hachamovitch, corporate vice president of Internet Explorer, outlined how IE10 builds on the native HTML5 support delivered in IE9.

“The only native experience of HTML5 on the Web today is on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 9,” Hachamovitch said. “With Internet Explorer 9, websites can take advantage of the power of modern hardware and a modern operating system and deliver experiences that were not possible a year ago. Internet Explorer 10 will push the boundaries of what developers can do on the Web even further.”

The first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 includes support for additional standards, such as CSS3 Gradients on background images and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout.

Developers can download the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview and provide direct feedback through new code refreshes approximately every 12 weeks.

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  • DarthPiggie
    It still won't pull from chrome though...
  • joytech22
    What already?

    That's not cool MS.. not cool..
    Okay maybe a little curious.

    If it's any faster than IE9 I'll soil myself, IE9 performs on average close to that of Chrome and FF while out performing both at page load times.
  • nisallik
    DarthPiggieAlready?!!It still won't pull from chrome though...

    What do you mean "Already?!!!"

    Isn't FireFox releasing FireFox 5 next month? ;p