Larry Ellison Sees Dark Future for Apple Without Steve Jobs

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison appeared CBS This Morning and expressed a lack of faith in Apple now that Steve Jobs is gone.

Interviewer Charlie Rose asked Ellison what he thought it was about Jobs that made him great at Apple. Ellison had very complimentary things to say, comparing Jobs to Edison and Picasso. Rose followed up with the question, "What happens to Apple without Steve?"

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"We already know," responded Ellison. "We conducted the experiment; it's already been done.

"We saw Apple with Steve Jobs," Ellison said, raising his finger toward the sky. "We saw Apple without Steve Jobs," as he lowered his finger. "We saw Apple with Steve Jobs," raising his finger again. "Now, we're going to see Apple without Steve Jobs," as he dropped his finger.

Larry Ellison Says Apple is Doomed Without Jobs

Now nearly two years since the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple remains an immensely successful and profitable company. The question remains, however, if Apple can keep up its track record for innovative design that manages to capture the mass market.

Apple is expected to hold an iPhone event on September 10.

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  • Spac3nerd
    "comparing Jobs to Edison"
    I would agree, both were the biggest technology thieves of their time.
  • WithoutWeakness
    Jobs died 2 years ago and everyone was talking about this in the weeks following his death. Why did it take this guy 2 years to realize this?
  • Other Comments
  • SR-71 Blackbird
    He's right on!
  • michael908
    Guess it's hard to keep the "cult" status of their product without their leader dead. Now who will tell the consumers what they want?
  • SR-71 Blackbird
    No Jobs = No BRILLIANCE