Stupid Laptop Thief iChats With Owner's Friends

If you steal someone's laptop, it's probably a good idea not to identify yourself on the original owner's contact list or social networks. Of course, not every thief has that sort of common sense.

One burglar suspected of stealing four laptops made himself seen when he used one of the computers, a MacBook, to log onto the original owner's iChat account. One of the victim's friends chatted up the now stolen iChat account and was able to use the webcam chat to capture images of one of the suspected thieves and what appears to be his bedroom.

Here it is:

This man is believed to have broken into a house on Three Mile Harbor Drive in East Hampton, L.I. and stolen $30,000 worth of items.

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to $5,000 for info leading to an arrest – call 1-800-220-TIPS.

(Source: Gothamist.)

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  • JasonAkkerman
    There is dumb, and then there is this guy.
  • porschedream
  • Cormag
    Notice the lotion and used tissue on the table next to the bed behind him....
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  • porschedream
  • Hiniberus
    Only in America!
  • bear_jesus
    hahaha gotta love stupid criminals, making themselfs easyer to lock up can only be a good thing.