Motorola to Launch Intel Phone in September

Other than it will be running Android, we do not know any of the hardware specs. Of course, there will be a Medfield Z2000-series processor, but it is unclear if Motorola is using the single-core, 1.6 GHz Z2460 or the dual-core Z2580, which can reach up to 2 GHz. At CES earlier this year, Intel claimed that the Z2460 can hold its own against the dual-core and quad-core rivals.

However, in a BBC article, there are more cautious notes about performance from Intel. "Faster speeds only get you so far," Mike Bell, Intel's vice president for mobile, told the BBC. "It's really all about user experience and the responsiveness of the device and less about speeds and feeds."

I will leave that up to you to interpret that statement, but it appears to be clear that Intel is not shooting for the performance crown in terms of raw processing power. Intel previously said that it has optimized Medfield to run Android well and that appears to be the company's greatest asset until its 22 nm Valleyview processors are unveiled in quad-core configurations in 2013.

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  • ejb222
    Faster is not always better. This is truth. User experience is trump, and what ever it takes to acheive that works for me.
  • cscott_it
    I've seen some reviews for the other Intel Smartphone with the previous generation chip and it honestly does really well. Excited to see Intel bring their expertise to the field, more competition usually provides better products.
  • rebel1280
    Nice, another competitor in the phone cpu market! Good for us!