Intel's 22nm Silvermont Atoms: Four Cores, Up to 1.4 GHz

Some details about the 22 nm Silvermont architecture have been leaked from China and were picked up by German website

Silvermont's Valleyview processors will be available at the end of 2013 with up to four cores and clock speeds of 1.2 to 1.4 GHz clock speeds. The SoC will apparently include Gen 7 Ivy Bridge class graphics engines with four cores. The platform will support up to 8 GB DDR3L or LPDDR2 memory. The quad-core Valleyview processor will also introduce 1 MB shared L2 cache for each pair of cores.

As part of the upcoming Bay Trail platform, Valleyview supposedly be offered in two packaging types and is likely to be offered in variety of applications and not just tablets and smartphones. Intel could be following Nvidia's lead and use Valleyview to compete in all mobile applications as well as emerging automotive and industrial fields.

If Intel can take Valleyview's specs from a presentation to reality, it is clear that this is the Atom variant we have been waiting for since 2008, when Intel promised a capable SoC for the smartphone market.

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  • jaquith
    Reading might help, this Atom Silvermont CPU is for your Phones & Tablets -- not your Laptop or PC... The Atom CPU is for ultra-low-voltage use and >small size<.

  • math1337
    It looks like ARM is going to be getting some competition soon. Always good, even when the competitor is Intel. I can't wait for faster procs.
  • classzero
    Meh it's an atom. They need to ditch the name so people don't dismiss it.
  • Other Comments
  • classzero
    Meh it's an atom. They need to ditch the name so people don't dismiss it.
  • jaquith
    Leave it to China to leak more crap. More cores are welcome as long as it's efficient and won't suck my battery dry in a couple of hours.
  • danwat1234
    I'd rather take a higher clocked dual core or hyperthreaded single core. Single core performance is stupid slow with Atom. I hope Intel stops making Atom Netbook chipsets, so many people I know that have them and they (the computers) are dogs.
    The Asus U24E-xs71 laptop is around 3.5 pounds and has a full blown Sandy Bridge 2.8/3.5GHZ CPU. Sure it's $800 right now but wait 2 years and then why not buy that compared to the latest atom netbook.