NanoSSD Plugs Directly Into SATA Slot

This seemed like utter coolness: an SSD that can plug directly into a SATA motherboard slot. Announced earlier today in Japan, Elecom's two new nanoSSDs--the ESD-IDSAA series--measures 25 x 39 x 6.5 mm, and could serve as a startup drive on a main system, or could even serve as a primary drive on a compact Mini-ITX system.

However, with the small size comes an even smaller storage capacity: 8 GB and 16 GB. Still, the drives offer decent read/write speeds, with read rates of up to 75 MB/sec. and write rates of up to 30 MB/sec. Unlike HDDs, the nanoSSDs feature minimal cooling requirements and are virtually quiet as a mouse.

The drives won't hit Japanese store shelves for another few weeks, and Elecom hasn't revealed pricing, however pre-orders are already underway. Akihabara News said that is scheduled to start selling the drives online in a couple of days.

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  • It appears to be blocking the adjacent ports though...
  • quiet as a mouse? shouldn't it just be silent?
  • spectrewindThat's the fault of the engineer(s) who staged the port headers off the mainboard in this configuration. Stacking the ports vertically would likely solve this.

    What?!? The mobo came first, the direct connect drive should have been built to fit.
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  • Faster than current USB 2.0 flash drives that's for sure but what about the price?
  • It appears to be blocking the adjacent ports though...
  • It would interesting to RAID these. I think these might catch on.