Nvidia's Top Mobile Business Exec Mike Rayfield Resigns

Nvidia has confirmed that Mike Rayfield, vice president and general manager of the company's Mobile business unit, has resigned. His departure will was effective on August 24.

There was no further information other than Rayfield will be taking on a role at "another company". No announcement about this new role has been made and Rayfield's LinkedIn profile still stated his position as "VP/GM Mobile Business Unit" at Nvidia at the time of this writing.

Growing competition among ARM chip makers, in addition to the efforts of Intel and AMD to hold x86 architecture against ARM has turned into a catalyst of a job carousel that has involved Apple, AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, TI, as well as component makers such as Synaptics.

Rayfield joined Nvidia in 2005 from Stretch. Prior to that he held executive positions in sales and business development at Texas Instruments, Growth Networks and Cisco.

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  • dalethepcman
    Whats up with all the resignations. OCZ, AMD, and nVidia all loosing top executives today...
  • Onus
    I'm not sure I see any way nVidia has clearly screwed up in the mobile department; in fact it seems Tegra has been pretty good. I'm guessing he left voluntarily for a fatter paycheck somewhere else.
  • Anonymous
    I grew up with PC's so I know the value of being able to customize and design. But all these companies really need to take a look at Apple. While NVIDIA, AMD, Intel etc create the tech, Apple simply uses it to be creative. If you think about it, its backwards really. How can those who create the technology be subservient to those that use it? Apple should be dependent on those it depends on.