QOTD: What Was Your First Computer?

IBM PC Bus, ISA, EISA, math co-processor, floppy disk. So many forgotten terms, from years ago.

Many would say that we've come a long way in terms of advancement in computer technology. Others would say we haven't even started yet. At one point, we were still reading and writing data to punch cards--if you've been alive long enough to remember. Research is now being done to even move away from silicon for use in semiconductors. Imagine what people 20 years ago would say if you showed them a computer from today!

The question of the day is: What was your first computer?

Do you remember what specs it had? What kind of motherboard did it come with? How big was the hard drive? Did it even have a hard drive? Let us know!

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  • hrudy
    My first computer was a Motorola M6800 Evaluation board that I assembled myself. It connected to a teletype and used a M6821 parallel interface adaptor to talk to the tty as the 6850 serial part was not ready. It ran Mikbug monitor and you had to program in machine code.
  • Anonymous
    My first computer was a COSMAC Elf 1802, then a Commodore PET
  • Anonymous
    I started with a AT&T 8086 with (2) 5.25" floppies and 640K of ram. I remember installing our first 10mb hard drive in it a few years later.