HP Announces First ARM Servers: Project Moonshot

HP Project Moonshot ARM

Project Moonshot is the first product to leverage this platform and integrate "more than 2800 servers in a single rack." As expected, HP will be using Calxeda Energycore processors, which draw as little as 1.5 watts per dual-core unit. Down the road, HP said it wants to use Intel's Atom processors for its Redstone platform and indicated that it is interested in using other ARM-based products as well. However, Intel is currently not a Moonshot partner; the listed companies are ARM, AMD, Calxeda, Canonical and Red Hat.

To introduce Redstone, HP will pen so called "Discovery Labs," which will enable customers to test their applications on actual servers. It is a similar idea HP already had back in 2001 when it opened testing facilities for its customers in Palo Alto. The first Discovery Lab will be in Houston and go into operation in January of next year. Additional labs will be offered in Asia and Europe in the future.

HP said that its Redstone servers will consume 89 percent less energy and 94 percent less space than traditional data center installations. These servers will also be about 64 percent cheaper, the company said.

HP Discovery Lab Project Moonshot

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  • Device Unknown
    Total Win their.
  • Parsian
    Question: Can you do all the task you could do on an x86 on an ARM?
    Or Is ARM just can handle a subset of instructions can be developed base on need and usage?

  • JeanLuc
    Good old ARM CPU's just goes to show that Britain still invent great things from time to time.

    AN ARM based server is long overdue, I'm guessing its the software that has held it back but with it's low power draw demand for low powered servers was eventually going to force the market to break away from the same old Intel and AMD based x86 options.