Tom's Guide: 15 Virtual Keyboards for Android Smartphones

As Android has evolved over the last few years, different elements of the OS, such as the keyboard, have changed quite a bit. You might, for example, have loved the Gingerbread keyboard more than any other. But did you know you can get that Gingerbread keyboard back without rolling your phone back to that iteration of Android? Keyboard from Android 2.3, Swype, Smart Keyboard, and iPhone Keyboard Emulator are just a handful of the third party keyboards available for Android devices. Check out 15 of the best in '15 Virtual Keyboards for Android Smartphones' over on Tom's Guide.


An interesting feature of the Android platform is the ability to replace your smart phone or tablet's virtual keyboard with a myriad of third-party programs specialized for various purposes. While the stock keyboard might be enough for some, there is a whole world of free and paid keyboard apps out there with extra functionality that you can explore. Here are 15 to get you started!

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  • subaru41
    Apple commies might be confused with this article in the fact that Android has so many choices and customization options on every aspect of the OS. Another reason why not to buy an inferior phone, sorry I mean iPhone.
  • mooska
    Unfortunately, while they offer many free apps, there's a reason why they're free. All of my most important apps can't currently be found on Android, so I guess I'm an Apple commie.
  • syrious1
    app in different markets will not necessarily have the same app name /lightbulb