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Intel’s X25-E Versus The Fusion-io ioDrive

Intel’s X25-E Versus The Fusion-io ioDrive
Flash Storage Taking Off

Progress in the storage segment has probably been more noticeable than in other market segments recently, except perhaps graphics. Faster processors are mainly noticeable if you have the applications able to take advantage of them, and advances on the platform side have been slight as well. But accelerated hard drives and storage products make a noticeable difference. Client PCs, such as desktops and notebooks, boot their operating systems and applications faster thanks to increased throughput, and servers can process more I/O operations per second with faster storage as well.

Fusion-io ioDrive Versus Intel X25-E SSD

The recent developments in enterprise-class storage products are mind-boggling. We decided to look at the two most innovative products: Intel’s X25-E flash SSD for servers, and the ioDrive by Fusion-io. Both are based on flash memory and promise stellar performance compared to any type of mechanical hard drive, or even RAID arrays composed of them. Let’s find out which is the best server drive.

Check prices for Intel's X25-E 32 GB SSD

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