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Power And Efficiency

ECS P55H-AK: P55/NF200 Versus X58 In 3-Way SLI

LGA 1156 processors tend to be somewhat more miserly than their LGA 1366 counterparts, and our particular configurations even saw lower voltage levels required to overclock with the smaller socket. Yet, Nvidia’s PCIe 2.0 bridge consumes some power, and that could lead to some interesting power consumption results.

Indeed, the P55+NF200 combination required more power in SLI than its X58 counterpart. We thought it might be close, but never expected the X58 to win this measurement.

Putting the above readings on a percent scale allows us to compare average power consumption to average performance for an efficiency calculation.

Lower power use in single-card mode gives the P55+NF200 platform a slight lead over its X58 rival, but we really doubt that anyone would buy an NF200-equipped board for a single card. The X58 takes a noticeable win in dual-card trim, but the P55 with NF200 manages a minor comeback with three cards installed.

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