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Measurements: FSP Aurum Series AU-700

80 PLUS Gold: Four Efficient 700-850 W Power Supplies
By , Patrick Afschar

Efficiency according to 80 PLUS specifications

Efficiency based on performance profiles.                    

The Aurum-700 performs well across the board. It easily reaches the levels defined by the 80 PLUS Gold specification, and even exceeds them at 50% and 100% load. 

Even at low loads, the AU-700 is convincingly efficient, delivering 73% power efficiency at 25 W. In this discipline it benefits from having a lower maximum output level than the other devices in the test.

In standby mode, this FSP PSU sets the standard for comparison. The AU-700 consumes only 0.1 W by the strict EuP measurement, which tracks consumption without loads on any of the rails. The other devices tested consume about 0.2 W in standby. The FSP Aurum performs nicely in all tests, showing no weaknesses, even in ripple rectification.

If you can do without modular cable management, the FSP Aurum serves as a modern high-performance PSU at a very reasonable price of only $130. It comes out at the top of our comparison. It sets the bar especially high in terms of efficiency. Together with its quiet fan, the AU-700 is an excellent PSU.

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