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Digging In To The Web Interface

Maxtor's Shared Storage Does NAS At Home

Configuration Wizard Helps With Setup

Despite the fact that working with the Maxtor Easy Manage Software is, in fact, easy, you cannot avoid using the Web interface for configuration purposes. If you click on certain menu points of the Maxtor Easy Manage Software, you open a browser which takes you to the Web configuration interface in question.

This interface can also be called up without the Easy Manage Software, just by entering the IP address of the Maxtor Shared Storage II. The default user name and password is "admin", and again, simple operation is the focus. If you do not wish to use Maxtor Easy Share, you have a Web interface with a wizard that takes you through initial setup instead.

Integrated Print Server

The interface is clearly structured. The main page can be used to call up the various menu points in order to create user accounts, manage folder releases or change the system configurations. Thus you can determine the detailed TCP/IP configuration as well as the time at which the device is to be put into standby mode. USB drives can also be connected into the rear of the Maxtor Shared Storage II unit, and formatted via the Web interface. You can also configure any connected printers.

RAID Settings

Whether the device is to be operated in RAID 1 or RAID 0 mode can be specified under the Advanced Settings menu point. It is recommended that this setting is made prior to final implementation to meet the relevant requirements. If data is already stored on the device when the RAID mode is changed, all data will be lost.

An idiosyncrasy in the display of the drive size can also be seen here. If you change the RAID mode from RAID 0 to RAID 1 and then call up the RAID settings menu again, incorrect overall capacity are shown on the Web interface.

Media Server

The Universal Plug and Play server (UPnP-Server) conforms to the DLNA standard and is integrated in the Maxtor Shared Storage II; it is just as quickly and easily set up. When activating the media server functions, users can set whether their personal folders are to be searched for media files or only the publicly available folders. If an option is selected, the Maxtor Shared Storage II automatically searches in the appropriate folders for images, music or video files.

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