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Benchmark Results: Metro 2033

Single-Slot Graphics: Whose Card Is Fastest?

Lowering our expectations as we started Metro 2033 testing, we chose Medium details with no PhysX or additional Depth of Field. Experience tells us that the Radeon HD 6850 should pass, but what about the low-cost GeForce GT 440?

Ah, the 6850 indeed looks fast. But we also took notes on its minimum frame rate and were shocked to see that its 91.3 FPS average dropped to a 22.07 FPS minimum using our lowest test settings. Oops.

This particular title deserves a little more explanation, though. The low FPS happened only when moving quickly through dense smoke. That can be avoided in actual gameplay, though the enjoyment of good game detail might not be worth the ridicule that follows when your friends find out that you’re afraid of smoke (Ed.: Hey, after watching Lost, there's good reason to be afraid of smoke).

Nothing survived our minimum FPS requirements above 1280x720, but a relatively high average frame rate makes the Radeon HD 6850 appear playable through 1680x1050 on the above chart.

Afox's Radeon HD 6850 continues to impress at 1920x1080, in spite of a minimum FPS shortfall for all cards. Perhaps it’s time to consider DX10 mode instead?

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