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Scythe Ashura SCASR-1000

Nine Big Air Coolers For Intel's Haswell CPUs, Reviewed

Sporadic availability has lead to wild price fluctuations in Scythe’s latest products, with the Ashura selling for anywhere between $50 and $80 when we can find it. Hopefully the firm stabilizes formerly-productive partnerships with major U.S. distributors.

The Ashura is, after all, one of the least expensive high-end coolers in today’s round-up, owing that description to its oversized radiator, 140 mm fan, and finely-machined copper base.

Supporting AMD sockets back to AM2 and Intel LGAs back to 775, the Ashura’s Intel support plate rotates to various positions to align mounting holes. Less-than-perfect for boards with mounting-hole crowding, we at least find rubber pads to protect those components from being crushed.

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