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Clients And Server

Business Instant Messaging

Jabber Server Overview

Jabber servers run on a wide variety of platforms with different licensing schemes, and use a range of programming languages. The actual server you select depends on the number of users it must accommodate, as well as the types of functions it must deliver.

The most popular Jabber servers include the following:

The best of these is ejabberd, written in the Erlang programming language, a special purpose programming language developed at Ericsson specifically for telecommunications applications. Such applications are widely used at telecomm service providers and communications exchanges.

ejabberd is delightfully easy to manage through its Web interface (click to enlarge).

The majority of users who register for a Jabber account don't want or need to deploy their own servers. To them, the Server List page at the XMPP Federation site is a precious resource. Using this list, Jabber clients can register with one or more of its servers, as long as their software enables them to do so.

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