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Benchmark Results: Productivity, Continued

System Builder Marathon: $1,250 Mid-Range PC

These are the benchmarks that show what the average user experiences. Let's start with AVG scan times:

It looks like our old E8500 results may be anomalous. Aside from that, the Q9550 loses to the i7 920 by a notable margin.

WinRAR shows that the Q9550 has a slight advantage over the E8500, indicating that the program is optimized for multiple cores. However, WinRAR clearly takes advantage of what the new Core i7 has to offer, giving it a huge win. It is notable that the Q9550 system showed absolutely no performance difference in this benchmark when overclocked, indicating a bottleneck of some sort. The benchmark was run multiple times with identical results.

Winzip shows us a clock speed preference. It is notable that the Q9550 is showing a very slight advantage over the i7 920. Clock-for-clock, at stock speeds, the Q9550 has an edge, but because the i7 920 has a higher overclock, it retakes the lead. It is still noteworthy because it seems to be the only application that favors the Q9550 over the i7 920 so far.

Not counting the anomaly in the AVG bench, we're seeing a trend continue: Intel's Core i7 often shows up its older siblings, including the Q9550.

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