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Comparison Table: Temperatures

Corsair H70: Next-Gen Self-Contained Liquid Cooling

Note: Heat sinks that ship without any included fans were equipped with a standard fan from the 3RSystem Iceage Prima Boss. It has performs similar to a NoiseBlocker Multiframe M12PS.

The Corsair H70 liquid cooling system scores a low 38° C with the fans set to high, about the same temperature as the air CPU coolers Prolimatech Megahalems (Rev. B), or the Zalman CNPS 10X Extreme, and is thus placed pretty high up on the chart.

In our preferred configuration with two fans and automatic motherboard fan control, the Corsair H70 is at about the same level as a Noctua NH-D14--at least in terms of cooling performance. In this chart, the all-in-one liquid cooling system is definitely up there at the top. However, looking at the noise level chart at the next page, things get a bit complicated.

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